North Cyprus Weather and Climate

Cyprus belongs to the warmest zones of the Mediterranean Sea. North Cyprus holidays offer a Mediterranean climate with crystal clear sea, hot dry summers, and mild winters make it an ideal holiday destination for couples, families and single travellers. The island is a favourite vacation place for all sun lovers because Cyprus has approximately 320 sunny days a year.

Climatically, Cyprus belongs to the healthiest regions of the world. Experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and soak up the sun; holidays in North Cyprus are possible in every season. The high season begins in April and lasts until the middle of November. The water is warm and comfortable from May to November.

From May to October, the North Cyprus weather is very hot and dry. The temperatures climb to over 37º C and rain is very rare. If it does rain during the summer months, it is normally a short shower. Cyprus receives it’s main rainy season from December to April. The winter is mild with some snow on the Troodos mountains with some colder weather and winds. Coldest months are January and February with an average maximum temperature of 15-16 º C. Temperatures under 0ºC is a rarity, even at night. In February and March there are likely to be some rainy days, whilst in the summer months of May to September, it rains rarely.

July and August are the hottest months in North Cyprus. Those who cannot endure the heat should visit in the optimal-temperature months of September and October. In July and August the temperature climbs over 47 º C, nights are 20 to 24 ºC.

The water temperatures reach up to 17º C in February and 28 ºC in August.

Cyprus always blooms beautifully in all seasons and offers fantastic opportunities to view flora and fauna in all seasons.