Famagusta in Northern Cyprus

Famagusta is situated in the North / East of Cyprus. This beautiful characteristic Mediterranean town has a rich history and is amazing visitors with its old and modern buildings. It is one of the best towns for a sightseeing tour in Cyprus. There are many tourist visiting Famagusta for its appealing sights daily. Famagusta also has beautiful golden sand beaches those ever to be seen in North Cyprus. Famagusta is a popular destination for North Cyprus holidays.



Once through the imposing gateway of the old walled city of Famagusta you leave behind the hustle and bustle of the modern commercial city and enter an open air museum. Wandering through the old city, looking perhaps at the ghostly remains of once beautiful Gothic churches, the echoes of history vibrate down through the ages. The footsteps might be yours now but they could easily have been a Crusader or even the Lusignon King Henry II, the people who helped to make this city great and prosperous. Ottoman forces laid siege to Famagusta and it fell to them in 1571. Little happened to the old city from that time and the ruined buildings are as you see them now, just further decayed by time.

The jewel here is the old St Nicholas Cathedral which is still in use today as the Mustafa Pasa Mosque. The façade of this building is one of the iconic pictures of North Cyprus. The thick, heavy Venetian walls offer ramparts for walking, especially the section looking seaward surrounding the Sea Gate. St Mark’s lion, the statue near the Sea Gate, leaves no doubt of the Venetian presence and Othello’s Tower nearby owes its name to Shakespeare although the playwright only mentioned a seaport in Cyprus.

Wander the ruins at will but when a little modernity calls there is a pedestrianized shopping street in the heart of the city to serve your needs and a good number of cafés and restaurants. There are good quality hotels in Famagusta, North Cyprus, from luxury 5 star to small budget.

Famagusta is reached by car in just over the hour from Riverside and it combines well with Salamis to make an outstanding day of culture and sightseeing.