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Cheap Hotels in North Cyprus are all reflect the characteristic properties of Mediterranean warmth. The island is a real heaven of hotels; so that if somebody had a holiday in any North Cyprus hotels before, he most probably did it more than once. Especially, in Kyrenia, the beautiful city of the island you can find hundreds of hotels that will provide very good facilities for a good holiday. However, with its unique location, village-like design, green gardens, integrated services and the cypriot family who perfectly runs it Riverside Hotel is an outstanding one.

There are sixteen different kinds of fruit growing in the gardens and guests are welcome to pick their own fruit. Also if you are a keen bird watcher there are 35 species to find. Pine smells from the Besparmak Mountains at the back and smells from the Mediterranean in the front you will feel the unrivalled natural freshness of the island.

As one of the best of hotels in North Cyprus, Riverside tries to do her best to fully reflect the Mediterranean hospitality and naturality. And we are proud to announce that we are the one which has the greatest positive feedback from our customers.

The island enjoys one of the healthiest and most pleasant climates in the world. From May to October, the average temperature of the sea is 21.7 Centigrade. Water sports can, therefore, be practised nine months out of twelve. Hotels catter for sports such as windsurfing, sailing, water skiing and diving. Clubs offer services for horse-riding, gymnastic, or golf.

The North Cyprus hotels offer a variety of mezes, roast meat, grilled fish, baklavas : as its Turkish, Greek and Lebanese neighbours, the Cypriot cuisine is rich and varied. Restaurants in the island are often in enchanting surroundings. Book today a cheap hotel in North Cyprus.

Home for millions of birds every year, the island is a benediction for all nature lovers, and anybody who appreciates colour and fragrance.

The island, birthplace of Aphrodite, has succeeded in preserving an unspoilt and unpolluted coastline and landscape in the heart of the Meditaerranean.

The island enjoys only two seasons: Spring begins in November and summer in May! Beaches of fine sands, rocks, plains, mountains, forests, orchards, bushes: Cyprus is a land of contrasts. It has more to offer than its exceptional climate and its astonishingly intact nature: It is a place where you can really enjoy life throughout the year.

A hidden paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean For the Cypriots, hospitality is second nature. The island is in the power of whichever nation is overlord in these seas. (Shams ad Din, Arabic author;985 AD) A piece of earth touched by heaven Island of Aphrodite, island of love.

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