Cyprus belongs to the warmest zones of the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean climate with crystal clear sea, hot dry summers and mild winters make it an ideal holiday destination in the world. The island is a favorable vacation place for all sun lovers because Cyprus has 320 sunny days annually for the entire year.

Climatically Cyprus belongs to the healthiest regions of the world. What you can experience is beautiful sunrises and sunsets on Cyprus island, vacation in Cyprus is possible in every season. The season begins in April and lasts until middle November. The water is warm and comfortable from May to November.

From May to November, it is very hot and dry. The temperatures climb over 37º C and the rain cases the absolute exception. In the summer, Cyprus suffers from water deficiency because it rains only from December to April. The winter is mild and rainy with some snow on the Troodos mountains and cold winding. Coldest months are January and Februal with maxsimal 15-16 º C. temperature under 0ºC is in the lowland a rarity. In February and March is to be reckoned with some rainy day. From May to September, it rains two-or three times in the month.

July and August are the hottest months on Cyprus. Who does not endure the heat, should visit in September and October. July and August the temperature climbs over 47 º C, nights are 20 to 23 has ºC, and the hottest months of the year.

The water temperatures reach up to 17º C in February and 28 ºC in August.

Cyprus always blooms beautifully it is everywhere in every season and is quite green.