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Riverside Location

Riverside is located in the town of Alsancak (within 5 minutes walking distance to town center) where you can find elegant restaurants for fine dining as well as fast food from pizza, fried chicken or fish and chips to burger, from local doner or kebab shops to international cuisine and many more. There are also many shops within walking distance from large supermarkets to small town shops as well as banks and pharmacy, all gathered here for your daily shopping needs.

Cyprus Location

Cyprus is the most oriental Mediterranean island. It is situated at the cross point of 35°N latitude and 33°E longitude. Tucked into the far south-eastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea, only 44 miles from Turkey, 64 from Syria and 211 miles from Egypt, it lies on the frontier between Europe and Asia, Christianity and Islam.

Cyprus is divided into two as Turkish Side (Northern Cyprus) and Greek Side (Southern Cyprus). Riverside Holiday Village is on the Turkish Side of the island. About 200,000 people live in this small country, which is only 120 miles from east to west and about 15 miles from north to south. As shown on the map below, Riverside is only 9 kilometers away from the touristic Kyrenia town and 46 kilometers away from the Ercan Airport, situated between the Kyrenia Mountains and blue waters of Mediterranean.

Northern Cyprus Riverside Location