North Cyprus holidays activities and things to do.

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North Cyprus activities & things to do

You can find a good list of special holiday activities and things to do in Northern Cyprus below.





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Hiking tours for people of all ages and physical disposition are organized by a number of centers in the Girne area generally conducted in the Girne mountain range. Turtle watching is one of the most fascinating activities in North Cyprus. There are some protected areas where you can admire this beautiful feature of the nature on your vacation. North Cyprus has more to offer than its sun and sea, natural beauties and historic sites. One surprising attraction is the North Cyprus herbarium. Welcome to the fascinating and unique underwater world of North Cyprus, where you can enjoy one of the longest diving seasons in the Mediterranean.

Bird Watching




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It is possible to watch 347 different species of bird in Cyprus. However, only 46 of these are native of Cyprus, and 7 of these are the endemic sub-species. The ZET International Karting Circuit, which exceeds the highest European standards and has one of the best racing surfaces in the region. TRNC Shooting Federation was first born in 1974 under the name of Hunting and Shooting Federation. In 1996 Hunting and Shooting was divided. In less than a decade, the sport of paintball has become one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in some areas in the Kyrenia.



Horse riding


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There are several offical camping sites in the Kyrenia and Famagusta areas which offer services such as washrooms, toilets, restaurants and bars. There are several caves in Northern Cyprus that you are free to explore. One, known as the Hot Cave, north of Agirdag village on the southern slopes of the Five Finger Mountain. There are several stables offering riding lessons in the Girne and Gazi Magusa areas. Some stables also allow customers to hire horses to take out. A great activity to enjoy on your holidays in North Cyprus. Hunting is the greatest passion of many a Turkish Cypriot man. The season runs from October to February and is limited to Sundays only. Hunting areas are strictly controlled by the authorities.

National Parks


Sightseeing Tours

Water Sports

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Northern Cyprus has one National Park in the Karpaz Peninsula. Here a large number of birds, wild donkeys, turtles, rare flora and amazingly beautiful beaches can be found. With its wealth and variety of landscapes Northern Cyprus is an ideal place for keen photographers. Care should be taken not to take photographs in the vicinity of army bases. Some tour companies and hotels organise their own bus tours of the island. if you wish to join a tour we can arrange it for you ask detailed information from Riverside reception then we will take care of it. There are several beaches in Kyrenia and Famagusta, which offer a variety of water sports ranging from water skiing, parascending, wind-surfing and Jet skiing and more.





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You can also join walking tours and watch wild life at the same time, a different enjoyable walking trip provides both at the same time. This can be arranged with us. Yacht and boat tours are available throughout the summer from Kyrenia Harbour. There are many vendors, so take time to find a suitable service. The Environment that we inheritted and the next generation will inherit from us, is worth of more awareness and love... There is a mysterious sense at the word ... You can also experience world class restaurant, the island's entertainment industry is tremendously varied and caters for all taste and for people of all ages.

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